Old Vision Elite 9 Update Log

The followings are some of the features in the Old Vision Elite 9 Updates:

4/11/2009,  Version 9.J01d

  • In the Patient Details screen, the Pick List of the Note now allows multiple selection.

  • In the Consultation screen, the Pick List of the Symptom also allows multiple selection now.

  • New Consultation fees are stored in the system until 1 Nov. The first time you start Vision on or after 1 Nov 2008, you will be asked whether you want the program to automatically update to the new Consultation Fees (Medicare, Patient and Veterans).

  • Under To Do List, you can now filter the list by the "Type"

  • Interface to Topcon Phoropter and 4 in 1.

20/10/2009,  Version 9.H 02j

  • For letters, there is a new merge field for Medication.

  • In the Patient Details screen, the Other No type (the first box) now has a Pick List.

  • Under Financial, there is now a new report, Detail Billing Item Report by Patient Other No. For example, you can use it for VES to generate report for all pensioners.

  • In the Appointment, when you switch between Daily and Weekly view, it will stay on whichever date you were on

  • You can set the colour of the Appointment screen by going into Maintenance - Default Parameters - Setup Flags. 1 for Salmon, 2 for Bright Yellow, 3 for Light Blue and 4 for Light Yellow.

  • In the Spectacle screen, there is an "Advance Progressive Parameters" screen for the extra parameters for progressive lenses

25/08/2009,  Version 9.H 01e

  • In Billing, you can  now reverse a bill by clicking onto the "Reverse this Bill" button.

  • The new Appointment screen is now re-sizable, and it will refresh even when it is at the background (not the active screen)

  • For the new Appointment screen, If you want to go back to the old Salmon colour, you can go to Maintenance - Default Parameters - Setup flags. At Flag 11, type in 1.

  • In  Appointment, you can enter a Message of the day by double-clicking onto that box.

  • In Appointment, the Note box of an appointment is expanded and is scrollable.

  • In Appointment, clicking onto "Here" and "Exam" will start the counter of how long the patient has been waiting here or been in the exam room, and the number of minutes is show on the right of the list (where it would normally show the number of days ago the patient booked the appointment).

  • In Appointment, there is now also a Daily view, showing the appointment list of all 5 optometrists at the same time.

  • In the Consultation screens, the Mono Pd fields have been lengthened.

  • In Spectacles Collected, you can now print one Followup letter at a time (or all at the same time).

  • When a Bulk Billing Account code is changed, it wil now automatically changed the Billing Item No Detail screen (under Maintenance), Patient Billing screen, Bulk Billing and Bulk Billing Payment accordingly.

  • New Interface to Nidek Navis fundus camera

23/06/2009,  Version 9.G 04

  • In Appointment, the Not Available warning message does only come up if you are just clicking onto a Not Available slot.

31/05/2009,  Version 9.G 03d

  • When creating a Bill from an Contact Lens Order, the Dispenser Code is now transferred into the "Sale by" box of the Bill.

  • Under Dispensing, the Spectacle Remake/Wastage Report can now be exported to Excel.

  • In the Print menu of the Outstanding Accounts, you can now export the report to Excel, which will be created into the V2K folder called OutstandingSummary.xls

  • Both the Supplier Invoice / Credit Note and Supplier Invoice Summary can now be exported to Excel.

  • In the Appointment List printout, the patient's Mobile number also gets printed.

  • For Multiple branch setup, the Billing Summary by Provider can show results of all branches with sub-totals of each branch.

  • When running on a Netbook, screens are re-designed to fit in a lower resolution screen of 1024x600. For example, the patient photo in the Patient screen, and the frame photo in the Spectacle screen and Scan Frame screen will come up on the right side of the screen instead of at the bottom.

  • In the Frame picklist, you can now click onto the new Brand and Model box to select.

01/04/2009,  Version 9.G 02e

  • Only Users with access to Financial Report can run the KPI report.

  • You can now SMS Newsletters, and you can have more than one type of SMS templates.

  • Under Dispensing, there is a new report for Contact Lens without Billing

  • Under Statistics, there is a new KPI (Key Performance Indicator) report.

  • There is now a warning message when making appointment in a Not Available slot.

19/02/2009,  Version 9.G 01d

  • In the Patient Detail screen, there is a Next Recall Log button which now start recording the changes in the Next Recall Date.

  • In the Spectacle Collected list under Dispensing, you can now SMS just selected patient, rather than all patients in the list.

  • When createing Newsletter List, the CL Code now excludes trial lens orders (i.e. Status = TRI or TRL)

  • The Export function in the Newsletter List now also exports to a CSV format which is easily readable with Excel (as well as the DBF and TXT format).

  • In the Pick List of Lenscode Setup - Spectacle, there is now a "Show" tick box where you can mark directly from the Pick list whether to include in the Pick List or not, rather than going into each one to modify.

  • In the Report Setup under Maintenance, the location and name of the report is displayed near the bottom of the screen.

02/02/2009,  Version 9.F 13c

  • When creating a New CL order, now it would not default the Discount from previous order.

  • For Multiple-branch setup, when creating a new Sundry product, you have an option to automatically create the same product under other branches as well.

  • When creating a New Consultation record, pressing any hot key will now create the screen, instead of just highlighting the option.

  • In Bulk Billing Medicare, the Submit button under Medclaim is now disabled, to prevent accidental clicking of the wrong Submit button.

13/01/2009,  Version 9.F 12g

  • When creating a New Consultation record, you can press the hot key K to highlight the "Spectacle Consultation (version V2K)" option.

01/12/2008,  Version 9.F 11

  • In the Billing screen, the HIC Online printout now defaults to 1 copy (you can change it if you want to print more for that patient).

05/11/2008,  Version 9.F 10f

  • In the Newsletter List, there is a new button "Merge Family" which will merge patients with the same address and surname into one and called e.g. The Taylor Family.

  • The first time you start Vision on or after 1 Nov 2008, you will be asked whether you want the program to automatically update to the new Consultation Fees (Medicare, Patient and Veterans).

  • The Newsletter and Recall (letters and labels) now prints the suburb in uppercase, to save postage for bulk mailing.

  • If the Spectacle and CL Price List now would not print the lenses that are marked discontinued.

  • When log in as Frame Supervisor, you can also modify information such as prices and invoice no in the Frame History.

  • Under Maintenance - Item No Details, when an Item No is changed, it will now ask whether you want to update the existing bills.

  • The Eyeytalk Import/update now only puts the Supplier Product Code in if your Supplier Product Code is blank

10/10/2008,  Version 9.F 8

  • In the Newsletter list, there is a new button for merging family with the same surname and address.

  • Under Financial - Bulk Billing/Payment Medicare, the transaction now shows the patient's Date of Birth as well.

  • Under Instrument Interface, the Image Importer can now be set up to default to a second temporary folder as well, e.g. one for the camera and one for the scanner. To set up, go to Maintenance - Consultation Setup, at the second box of "Enable Interface to Image Importer", put in the 2 paths separated by a ; (e.g. C:\Image;C:\Sacnner)

  • In Spec, when you remake a Spec record with Lenscodes that are no longer valid, it would now allow you but it will give you a warning message and the invalid lenscodes will be blank out (to prevent error).

  • The Eyeytalk Import/update now only puts the Supplier Code in if your Supplier Code is blank.

11/09/2008,  Version 9.F 6

  • In the Print option of the Patient Details screen, there are now 3 extra types of Record Label printout

  • Under Maintenance - Default Parameters, you can rename those Record Labels and Address Labels by clicking onto "Patient Print Label Description". (The layout of the printout is set up in Maintenance - Report Setup).

  • In Lenscode Setup - Spectacle, the Lab Description has been lengthened. And the Lab Description in the Spectacle Record and Lens Order printout are lengthened  as well.

  • In the CL list, there is a "Show" column. Un-checking the Show box is equivalent to marking "N" in "Include in Picklist" and that code will not be shown in the Picklist unless you click "Show All".

  • When Importing CL codes from Eyetalk, you have option to default "Include in Picklist" with Y or N.

  • When Importing or Updating Spec or CL codes from Eyetalk, you also have the option to update the Description, Note and Item No.

  • You can now update your RRP at the same time you Import / Update your Lenscodes from Eyetalk.

  • You can import Lens Extra from Eyetalk, with option whether to have "Lab to Apply" as Y.

  • When Importing or Updating from Eyetalk, discontinued Spec or CL codes will be marked as Discontinued.

31/08/2008,  Version 9.F 4

  • In Spec, if the Lenscode is no longer valid, it would not allow you to remaking that Spec record with invalid lenscodes, you need to create a New one (to prevent error).

  • From Recall List, you now have a choice of sending SMS to all patients (or individual ones)

  • In the Patient Details screen, without modifying the record, the entire note is displayed when the mouse is put over the note box.

11/03/2008,  Version 9.E08

  • Under Patient - Therapeutic Prescription, you can now print PBS

  • In Therapeutic Prescription, the Drug field has been lengthened.

  • For Display Stock that stay in the practice (not get taken off the shelf) even after a patient has chosen it, you can now enter in the Frame Status as "DS" for Display Stock. When a DS Frame is sold, the Quantity will not get deducted.

  • In Appointment, you can now print the "Monthly Appointment Schedule".

  • In Maintenance - Pick List, there is a new "Appointment Note - Patient" for the Patient Note in the Appointment screen.

  • In the Consultation screen, the Prev Rx list  now shows the Rx Note (after the Inter).

03/02/2008,  Version 9.E06

  • Under Dispensing, there is a new "Spectacle without Cost" report.

  • In the Contact Lens Code Pick List, there is also incremental search by Description (besides search by Code).

17/01/2008,  Version 9.E03

  • At Open Patient File, you can now search patient by his/her Mobile number.

02/01/2008,  Version 9.D1e

  • For the new Avery DL33 Labels (which has both top and bottom margins), there is now a new report for it. In Maintenance - Report Setup, List to Select Recall or Newsletter Label, change the Optional Report File to vPatAdr3column3

01/11/2007,  Version 9.C4

  • The Vision Manual has been updated (you can view or print the new Manual by clicking onto "Help" at the top manual and then "Vision Manual")

17/10/2007,  Version 9.C3

  • it now reads the new Eyetalk format for updating or importing (you can download procedure on Eyetalk Update)

21/09/2007,  Version 9.B3

  • In the Print option of the Appointment, screen, there are now 4 different types of Appointment Cards, plus a Patient Pre-test Form. (You can design your own printout under Maintenance - Report Configuration.)

  • In the Spectacle screen, you can email the spectacle record by clicking onto the "Spectacle" option of the top menu and then "Email Spectacle Lens Order to Supplier".

  • Under the "Spectacle" option of the top menu of the Spectacle screen, there is also an Email Log for Spectacle Lens Order.

  • Under Maintenance - Report Configuration, the print settings are now shown for every report.

12/09/2007,  Version 9.A9

  • For NZ practices, the Spectacle & CL Prescriptions now prints the City as well.

  • The sorting of the Frame Detail Usage Report is changed back to alphabetical order of the Brand (as before).

  • The prompt when modifying a Spec record with a Bill is now removed. (For practices that wants the prompt, please contact SUNIX for setup.)

  • From the Quick Menu, the Frame List button now allows you to select, unless the Login is set up to have no access to Frame.

05/09/2007,  Version 9.A8

  • Consultation Records can be set up for Automatic Save. You can set that up by going to Maintenance - Consultation Setup.

  • You can also set up to have the Consultation screen repainted/refeshed regularly (under Maintenance - Consultation Setup).

  • Under Statistics, there is a new Summary Sale Report, showing the number of spectacle sales within different price brackets. You can set up your own price brackets.

16/08/2007,  Version 9.A6

  • There is now a separate Contact Lens Order button at the top toolbar, for entering repeat orders - no consultation linked. When going Previous & Next on this screen, it will show CL Orders only - no consultation. (When going Previous & Next on the Consultation screen, it will show all consultations and CL Orders regardless whether they are repeats or not., just like in Vision 2007)

  • When a CL Order is created from either the "Repeat this Order" button or from "New - CL Order Only", there will be a tick in the check box indicating that it is a Repeat Order only, not a new prescription.

  • You can now print the list of appointment for a patient under the Patient menu, or when you are making another appointment for the patient,

  • In Consultation, you can now view the Binocular screen without modifying the record.

  • In Consultation, the Allergy field now have the Pick List for Multiple Selection

  • If a patient has images, the Image button at the top toolbar will come up blue. Same for the Letter button.

  • Under Image, there is now an extra button for editing image with Paint (for practices that use a different software to view photo but still want to use paint for drawing)

  • In the Quick menu, the Frame Details button is replaced by the Frame List. That way, you can have quick access to the Frame list without showing the cost price, just in case the patient may be watching. (You can still go the the Frame Details screen via the Inventory menu at the top.)

  • The Quick Backup batch files (e.g. VWZIPBX, VWZIPDX, VWZIPEX, VWZIPFX, VWZIPZX) are changed such that they don't backed up to the local harddrive anymore, only to that USB or Zip drive. (The full ones still backup to the local drives as before.)

  • The standard letterheads in receipts etc are now in bigger fonts

  • The Frame Stock Report and Sundry Stock report now can be accessed also via the Inventory menu (as well as under the Frame menu in the Frame Details screen and the Sundry menu in the Sundry Details screen.)

19/07/2007,  Version 9.A2

  • There is a new Consultation screen, which contains extra fields for Medication and Allergy. The Medication and Allergy default from the last consultation, and can then be modified if changed. The Allergy box will turn red if there is anything in it.

  • In the new Consultation screen, there is also an extra line of Rx, which can be used e.g. for extra Previous Rx or Given Rx. There is now a note box for every Rx, so you can enter information such as the date (or how old) and the use of the glasses or Rx. If “GI” or Given Rx is entered as an additional Given Rx, it will also get listed in the “Prev Rx’. In other words, that extra Given Rx can be selected in the Spectacle screen via the “Prev Rx” button.

  • The new Consultation screen is customisable to suite the way you do consultation: fields can be moved around or taken out. SUNIX will do the customisation for you, and we offer one free customisation per Maintenance year.

  • In the Patient Details screen, a Photo Gallery of upto 4 photographs can be attached to help patient with frame selection. You can double-click onto the photograph to enlarge it and they are put side by side for comparison. You can delete the unwanted ones by right-clicking onto the photograph at the bottom of the screen and then left-clicking “Delete this Image”.

  • In the Billing screen, there is now a Service Date which can be used if the Consultation Service Date is different to the Billing Date (for HIC Online).

13/07/2007,  Version 9.A1

  • From the Patient Details screen, you can attach patient photographs for identification, by clicking onto the “Pat Photo” button. The default location folder is C:\IMAGES, but can be changed in Maintenance – Default Parameters - “Path to Patient Photo” (you can right click to set the folder).

  • From the Frame Details screen, you can attach frame photographs for identification, by right-clicking onto the box at the bottom right of the screen. The default location folder is C:\IMAGES, but can be changed in Maintenance – Dispensing/Frame Setup - “Frame Image Folder” (you can right click to set the folder).

  • In the Spectacle Details screen, as soon as the frame is entered, the frame photograph (if any) will be displayed for confirmation.

  • When doing Stocktake by Barcode, as soon as the frame is scanned, the frame photograph (if any) will also be displayed for more accurate stocktake.

  • In Consultation, the Pick List of a lot of fields can now do multiple selection at the same time, making data entry a lot quicker, especially if running on a Tablet PC. Besides F5 and right-mouse click, Pick List can also be brought up by double-clicking or double-tapping which is especially useful if running on a Tablet PC.

  • In Consultation, Prescription Bars can be brought up by double-tapping on the Sphere, Cyl, Axis, VA, Add and Inter. If running on a Tablet PC, you can enter in a prescription quicker than you can type or handwrite, by just double-tapping onto the Prescription Bars.

  • Screens are now re-positionable and re-sizable. After you re-size a screen (the content first appear to remain the same size), all you need to do is to close the screen and re-open it, the content will then be re-sized accordingly. The screen position and size are set per Vision Login. In other words, you can have different size and position for different computer, e.g. bigger screen for computer with bigger monitor and smaller screen for smaller monitor.

  • If running Tablet PC, the appointment screen will automatically come up at the bottom of the screen instead of the top to fully utilise the whole screen area. (You need to be in Tablet mode before you start Vision, so Vision can detect it.)




Vision Elite Report log

The followings are new reports or reports that have been changed in the updates (blue means changes are more than just cosmetic):

Version 9.H 02g

Billing Item Report by Patient Other No


DVA Claim Form




Version 9.H 01e

Fax Spectacle Lens order

Version 9.G 01d

Supplier Invoice/Credit

Version 9.F 13c

Banking Reconciliation

Version 9. F6

Patient Record Labels

Spectacle Record

Spectacle Lens Order  

Version 9.E8

PBS Form

Appointment Schedule

Version 9.E6

Spectacle without Cost

Contact Lens Order - Supplier

Version 9.D1e

Recall Label

Newsletter Label

Spectacle Record

Spectacle Lens Order

Version 9.B3

Appointment Card 3

Appointment Card 4

Appointment Patient Pre-test Information

Version 9.A9

Prescription - Spectacle (NZ)

Prescription - CL (NZ)

Version 9.A8

Spectacle Sale Summary

Version 9.A3

Appointment List for Patient

Account Statement

Account Statement & Rx

Appointment Card 1

Appointment Card 2

Counter Sale


Invoice & Rx

Invoice / Payment

Invoice / Payment & Rx

Outstanding Account Letter 1

Outstanding Account Letter 2

Outstanding Account Letter 3

Outstanding Account Letter 4

Prescription - CL

Prescription - Spectacle

Spectacle Purchase Order

Spectacle Quote


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