Vision Elite 14 & 15 Update Log

The followings are some of the new features in the Vision Elite 14 & 15 Updates:

11/09/2015,  Version 15.02f

  • In the Patient screen, the "Account" code can be used to set up different colour for the Note box at the top right corner of the Patient screen for different patients. (To set up, R-click on Account and modify the Account code you want. Then R-click on Colour to select).

  • In the Pateint screen, there is a new field for Former Name.

  • In the Short Consultation screen, the Note box is enlarged.

  • In the Short Consultation screen, there is now a Previous Rx. When creating a new Short Consultation, the PR Rx will default from the Given Rx of the last Consult record.

  • In the Pateint Overview, the Consultation section now has a slider at the bottom so one can easily move to see the other consult columns to the right.

  • In the Billing screen, the text box size is lengthened.

27/08/2015,  Version 15.01j

  • 5 new Medicare items are added (10944, 10945, 10946, 10947 and 10948). They will come into effect from 1st September 2016.

  • In Create Newsletter List, there is now an option to Exclude patients with Email address.

  • In the Consultation screen, you can now enter upto 5 consultation items. When creating bill, all 5 items will get transferred.

  • For Letter Templates, there is a new Merge Field for Health Fund

  • In both the Patient screen and the Consultation Instrument Interface button, there is now a new interface for Topcon Maestro OCT.

29/07/2015,  Version 14.07b

  • In the Optometrist / Doctor / Dispenser's Details, there is a new Copy button and a new Paste button for Address & Home Phone Number.

31/06/2015,  Version 14.04

  • In the Patient Details screen, there is now a new "Relation" button, where you can select another patient to form a relation. You can R-click to bring up a Pick List to create new relations e.g. Mother, Father, Son etc.

04/01/2015,  Version 14.01e

  • In the Consultation screen, if a 10910 or 10911 is entered, it will now update the "Full Consult Date" in the Patient screen.

  • In the Billing screen, if a 10910 or 10911 is entered, it is counted in the Total no of Main Consultation and Initial Consultation in the KPI report.

29/12/2014,  Version 14.01d

  • In Maintenance - Default Parameters, you can set up an extra condition for the default Recall Period if the patient is over a certain years of age. For example, 12 months if the patient is over 65 years of age. This default Recall Period comes up when creating a new Consult record for a new patient. (If the patient has a previous Consult record, the Recall Period still defaults from that of the previous Consult record.)


  • After 01/01/2015, you can change the standard default Recall Period to 36 (if you want).

  • As the Second Recall Period needs to be higher than the first, the Third higher that the second and so on, you may need to adjust the subsequent Recall Periods so that each one is higher than the one before e.g. 36, 48, 60, 0, 0.

23/12/2014,  Version 14.01b

After 01/01/2015,

  • The first time you run the program, you will be asked whether you want the Medicare fees to be updated. If click Yes, the Medicare fees will be changed (not the Patient or Veterans fees)

  • If click Yes, 10910 and 10911 will be added under M, P and V. The description of 10900 will be marked with **Do not use**.

  • In the Patient screen, the Last Full Consult field is red if within 3 years, or 1 year for patient over 65 years.

  • In the Billing screen, if an Item No of 10900 is entered, it will automatically be converted to 10910 or 10911 depending on the age of the patient.

  • Under Financial - Bulk Billing Account - Veterans Consultation, if the "Use Item No from" had "P" before, the "P" will be removed, as the Veterans fees are now different to the Patient ones.



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