Old Vision Elite 13 Update Log

The followings are some of the new features in the Vision Elite 13 Updates:

19/03/2014,  Version 13.D01

  • Under Dispensing, there is a new report, Spectacle without Sale Price. It is a detail report of spectacle jobs that have zero sale price.

  • Under Frame in the Frame Details screen, there is a new report, Frame Detail Usage by Job No.

  • Under Maintenance - Lenscode Setup Spectacle, the Supplier Product Code pick list for OSA, City Optical, Wallace  and Precision Optics have been updated. (If you like, you can also load/update the lens list for OSA, City Optical, Wallace or Precision Optics.)

09/03/2014,  Version 13.C01a

  • On 9/03/2014, Medicare has changed the Medicare Certificates for Medicare Online. The new Medicare Certificates have been programmed in update version 13C01 or above. Please contact SUNIX for the procedure on how to load the new Medicare Certificates.

15/01/2014,  Version 13.B01

  • More frames have been uploaded in the SUNIX Frame Gallery, so there are now more frames for you to choose from.

The SUNIX Frame Gallery can save you a lot of time as you can download frame details directly into your inventory, and you won't need to manually enter those frame details in one by one anymore!

  • SUNIX Vision and SUNIX Frame Gallery have been updated so that we now adopt the standard ODMA format.

So, if there are frames you use that are not in the SUNIX Frame Gallery, you can ask your supplier to contact SUNIX and have their frames listed in the SUNIX Frame Gallery. It will save you a lot of time in data entry!

  • In the Therapeutic Prescription screen, there is now a new button for printing RPBS. (The printout for the
    PBS button is now changed to print just PBS.)

  • Under  Patient Image, you can email image(s) as attachment, by ticking the ones you want and click "Email".

  • Under Patient Letter, you can email letter regardless of whether the patient has email address entered or not (as you can email letter to others).

  • You can setup a Patient Letter Template so that the patient images will be automatically merged into the letter, by putting the following code in the template:


  • For practices that are set up for the PSG ordering interface, the "E Order" button of the Spec screen now opens up a menu for more types Frame & Lens ordering.

30/11/2013,  Version 13.A05b

  • Automatic update of the new Veterans Affairs fee for optical appliances, i.e. the fees for the OP items under VJ.

The first time you start SUNIX Vision after the program update, it will ask you whether you would like to update the VJ fee. Just click Y for the fee update.

24/10/2013,  Version 13.A04g

  • The Frame Detail Usage Report can now be sorted by:

    • Brand & Model

    • Gross Margin, or

    • Number sold

  • There is a new Print button in the Patient Note screen for printing all patient notes including:

    • the Note at top right corner of the Patient screen,

    • the dated Note, and

    • the pop-up Note

  • There is a new Print button in the Patient History screen for printing all patient histories.

  • There is a new Print button in the Patient Code screen for printing all patient codes.

  • Under Login Id setup, if a user is set up as "N" for Consultation (i.e. can access but cannot modify), that user now also cannot delete Consultation records.


01/08/2013,  Version 13.A02e

  • Updates in the interface for Topcon TRK & CV5000

  • For NZ practices, in the Patient's Frame Approval screen, the Print option now prints the City.

22/06/2013,  Version 13.A01f

  • In the Appointment screen, there is an extra button "SMS day" for sending SMS Appointment Reminder to all the patients with mobile numbers in a day. It will default to the next day and can be changed.

  • In Maintenance, there is an extra menu option for "Client Relation Management".

  • In Client Relation Management, you can set up to automatically email Appointment Notification when saving an appointment.

  • In Client Relation Management, you can set up to automatically SMS Spec Ready Notification when clicking Spec Ready.

  • In Client Relation Management, you can set up to automatically SMS CL Ready Notification when clicking CL Ready.

  • In the Recall List, there is a new button "Campaign" which will open the email portal "Campaign Monitor" and export the Recall List in a format compatible for Campaign Monitor.

    (Campaign Monitor is a cost-effective email portal where you can design professional-looking emails with images, and send as many as you want in one go. There are also reports on email responses, and recording of un-subscribers.)

  • In the Newsletter List, there is also a "Campaign" button which will open "Campaign Monitor" and export the Newsletter List in a format compatible for Campaign Monitor.

  • For Newsletter, you can now Create Newsletter by Spec Collected or Contact Lens Collect, for follow-up and to encourage re-purchase.



Vision Elite Report log

The followings are new reports or reports that have been changed in the updates (blue means changes are more than just cosmetic):

Version 13.A06

PBS Form




Version 13.A04g

Patient Note


Patient History


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