Old Vision Elite 12 Update Log

The followings are some of the features in the old Vision Elite 12 Updates:

21/03/2013,  Version 12.C02

  • In CL Order printout, the CL Description has been lengthened.

  • In Dispensing/Frame Setup under Maintenance, there is a new "Frame Gallery Supplier List" button which allows you to edit the link between your Supplier Code and the Frame Gallery Supplier.

  • In Eyetalk Import/Update, the Checkbox will now default to what they were last time.

  • In the Image screen, the "Copy to Temp Folder" now works for multiple folders setup as well. It will copy to the first one in the setup.

  • In the Spec screen, If there is a frame trace, you can now delete the frame trace by right-clicking on the Display Frame Shape button to bring up the option to delete.

10/01/2013,  Version 12.B02i

  • The Vision Xero Interface now also export the Counter-sale and Bulk Billing as well.

07/11/2012,  Version 12.B01g

  • Vision can  automatically change the DVA fees for optical appliances to the new fees. The first time you start Vision after the update, it will ask you whether you want the fees to be changed.

  • Under Maintenance - Email & SMS Messaging Setup, you can now use the following merge fields for Appointment Notification and Reminder:








31/10/2012,  Version 12.B01e

  • In the Patient's Letter screen, you can now email the patient's letter. The letter will be sent as an attachment.

  • When a Bulk Billing period is closed, the "Outstanding" now defaults to Y.

27/10/2012,  Version 12.B01

  • This Update contains the program to update to the new fees for Medicare and Patient consultation. For practices that are in Vision Maintenance, you can run the latest Vision Elite Update anytime before 1 Nov. Then the first time you start Vision on 1 Nov, it will automatically ask you whether you want the fees to be changed. (This Fee Change program does not get activated until 1 Nov, which means that there is no need to wait until 1 Nov to run the Vision Update. As a matter of fact, you are recommended to run the Vision Update a few days before 1 Nov, to prepare for the fee change which will get activated automatically on 1 Nov.)

  • Vision can now interface with the Xero Accounting System (contact SUNIX for setup).

  • In the Appointment screen, you can now email Appointment Notification to notify the patient of the details of the appointment.

  •  In the Appointment screen, you can also email Appointment Reminder to remind the patient of the appointment.

  • The Appointment Notification & Reminder email Templates can be set up in Maintenance - Email & SMS Messaging Setup.

  • In the Spectacle screen, when creating a new Warranty job, a Reason box would come up next to the Job Type.

  • Under Dispensing, the Spectacle Remake/Wastage Report now shows the Reason for warranty.

  • More frames are added into the Frame Gallery for Australia and New Zealand.

  • For NZ, some lens video (Varilux, Airwear and Junior) are now automatically linked to the corresponding Supplier Product Code. When Vision is started, it can be set up to ask whether to download Lens Video. Just click Yes. So if you are already set up for Essilor or Winlinx, in the Lens Pick List, the "Video" button of those lenses should be active and you can click onto it to play the Video.

  • For Eyecare Plus practices, you can add the Eyecare Plus Codes in by:

    1. Exit out of Vision on all computers

    2. From the V2K folder, double click onto the "eyecarepluscode.exe" or "eyecarepluscode" program.

26/09/2012,  Version 12.A04b

  • For Multiple-branch setup, the Outstanding Bulk Billing Accounts now show the Branch Code as well.

  • In Report Setup, the picklist  of the Optional Report File can now show more than 250 entries

  • In the Spectacle screen, it is new field called Fitting By which can be a lab or dispenser that did the fitting.

  • Under Dispensing, there is a new Spectacle Fitted by Report.

  • Under Dispensing, the Spectacle Remake/Wastage Report too has an extra "Fitted By" column.

  • In the Consultation screen, the field length of UVA R, L and OU, as well as the Cover Test D and N have been increased

  • By default, the Patient Details screen will offset when the second or subsequent patient(s) are opened. (If you do not wish to offset, go to Maintenance - Default Parameter, and click onto "Patient Form and Input Format", to untick "Offset Patient Form when opening multiple patient recordes")

16/08/2012,  Version 12.A03

  • There is now "Age" in the Full Consultation printout.

  • In the Open Patient screen, you can now search patients by their Email address.

  • In the Newsletter List screen, there is a new button "Export to Email" which will bring up the Email screen with the exported Newsletter List as an attachment, ready to go.

  • Straight after a frame has been downloaded from the Frame Gallery, you can create a "New Spectacle Record with Frame from Frame Gallery" which will automatically insert the last downloaded frame.

  • In the Patient Details screen, there is a new button next to the Medicare No which will show other patients with the same Medicare No (if any).

  • The Medicare button also copies the Medicare No so that you can press Ctrl V to paste it somewhere else, e.g. onto the Medicare Items Online Checker website. Alternatively, you can copy by R-clicking onto the Medicare No during modifying mode.

  • In the Therapeutic Prescription screen, you can now tick the "Authority Prescription" box to generate an Authority Prescription No. This Authority Prescription No will get printed in the PBS Authority Prescription once a Phone Approval No is entered.

  • When creating a new Contact Lens Order, the Replenish Period will be copied automatically from the previous order. To "set" the Replenish Date, all you need to do is to press Enter or Tab at the Replenish Period which will automatically calculate the Replenish Date from today's date. You can press Enter or Tab to "set" the Replenish Date when the patient orders the lenses or when the patient collects the lenses.

  • In the Contact Lens Consultation screen, the Centration, Movement, Rotation and the results of the optional test are not capitalized any more.

  • New report for the new 3x11 Avery label (L7157). To set up, all you need to do is to enter "vPatAdr3column4" for Recall or Newsletter Label in the Report Setup under Maintenance.

  • In the Consultation screen, when the mouse is hovered over the Rx Notes (the ones next to the "Inter" column), the full content (tool tip) will be shown.

  • The Pick List Description is now lengthened.

  • When creating a new Consultation or Spectacle record, a slash comes up automatically  in the Mono PD (if there is no previous Mono PD). Distance PD is to be entered before the slash, and Near PD is to be entered after the slash.

24/05/2012,  Version 12.A01a

  • The "Optometrist/Doctor Details" button is back on the Quick Menu.

  • Under Statistics, there is a new Spectacle Profit & Loss.

  • Under Financial, there is a new Consultation report without Billing.

  • The names of the previously opened patients shown in the Quick Menu are now saved even after you exit out of Vision. Upto 25 names of previously opened patients are saved per Login. So, when you re-start Vision, those names will re-appear in the Quick Menu.

  • You can clear the names in the Quick Meun by R-clicking onto any name and then L-click onto "Clear Patient List".

  • In the Billing screen, you can now email the invoice, statement, Medicare, Bulk Billing Account etc.

  • In the Spectacle screen, you can now email Spectacle Record, Lens Order, Quotes etc.

  • When emailing recalls or newsletter, you can set the number of emails to send (because most ISP will not allow sending large number of emails).

  • In the Letter Template Patient under Maintenance, there is a new Delete button for deleting the highlighted menu option.

  • For NZ, there is a new Therapeutic Rx printout, which shows the quantity and no of repeats.

  • The Spectacle Quote printout now also show the GST.

  • In the Spectacle screen, the Advance Progressive Parameters now stores more measurement including the Eyecode measurement.

31/03/2012,  Version 12.A00e

  • The first time you start SUNIX Vision version 12, you will be asked whether you want to download Lens Video (Lens Video are informational video to be used to show to patient. It helps to promote premium lenses to patients.)

    1. set the "Check for New Video" to be Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Never. (Lateron, if you want to change this setup, you can change it in Maintenance - Dispensing Frame Setup.)

    2. click the "Download Lens Video" button if you have broadband internet connection, and it will start the download in the background.

  • In the Lens Pick List, you can now click onto the "Video" button to play the lens video (if there is video for that lens).

  • At the moment, there are 4 video available (Airwear, Crizal, Junior, Varilux). In Maintenance - Lens Code Setup Spectacles, those Supplier Product Codes are already linked to the corresponding video. If you update from Eyetalk or if you use Winlinx or Essilink, there should already be a Supplier Product Code. But if you do not use Eyetalk, Winlinx or Essilink, you can manually enter either the Supplier Product Code from the supplier or just type in the word Airwear, Crizal, Junior or Varilux.

  • In the Quick Menu, there is a new button for the SUNIX Frame Gallery which show frames of various suppliers.

    1. The first time you start the Frame Gallery, you will be asked to install Silverlight. Just follow the prompts to run and install it.

    2. If you don't have the right version of ".NET", you will also need to install it from Microsoft. You can click onto the link below to go to the Microsoft website:


  • Once you start the Frame Gallery, a "Frame Gallery Downloader" will open in the background. Do not close the "Frame Gallery Downloader" otherwise you will not be able to download frames from the Frame Gallery into SUNIX Vision.

  • In the Frame Gallery, you can search, view and download frames.

  • To download frames from the Frame Gallery into SUNIX Vision:

    1. Tick the frames you want to select

    2. Click onto the Download button at the bottom right of the screen, and a Download Frames list will come up

    3. Check that the list is correct, and if desired, enter the Qty. Then click onto the "Download to SUNIX Vision" button.

    4. The first time you download for a supplier, it will ask you to link to your Supplier Code. Once linked, it will not ask you for the Supplier Code for future downloads for that supplier.

    5. Then if applicable, change the Frame Status and/or enter the Display Stock Type, and click OK.

    6. After all files are successfully transferred, you can click onto the X to close the "Download Progress" screen.

  • The Contact Lens Consultation screen has expanded. There are now new fields for Over Rx, Centration, Movement, Rotation and one that you can enter your own heading.

  • In the top toolbar, there are 2 new buttons next to Consult for going to previous or next consultation and prescription CL Orders (skipping the Repeat CL Orders).

  • In the Spec screen, the E Order button now has an extra option for Essilor FrameLINK (ordering Frame & Lens package through Essilor). To set up, go to Maintenance - Dispensing/Frame Setup. Then click onto the "More" button. At Essilor FrameLINK, select Winlinx, Essilink or Email.

  • SUNIX now interfaces with the new Hoyalog.




Vision Elite Report log

The followings are new reports or reports that have been changed in the updates (blue means changes are more than just cosmetic):

Version 12.A04b

Spectacle Fitted By Report


Spectacle Remake Report


Version 12.A03

Consultation Record - Spectacle


Consultation Record - Spectacle (Long Format)


Recall Label


Newsletter Label


Version 12.A01a

Spectacle Profit & Loss


Therapeutic Prescription


Consultation Report without Billing


Spectacle Quote


Spectacle Lens Order - Progressive


Spectacle Record - Progressive



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