Old Vision Elite 11 Update Log

The followings are some of the features in the old Vision Elite 11 Updates:

24/01/2011,  Version 11.D10b

  • In the Spectacle Collected List, you can now set the date range for emailing followups.

  • When exporting Recall List, there are options whether:

    • to only export the ones with Printed=No

    • to update Recall Statistic

  • When exporting Newsletter List, the Mobile No also gets exported now.

24/10/2011,  Version 11.D09f

  • This Update contains the programs necessary for the fee increase for Medicare and Patient consultation, as well as the DVA fees for consultation and appliances. For practices that are in Vision Maintenance, you can run the latest Vision Elite Update anytime before 1 Nov. Then the first time you start Vision on 1 Nov, it will automatically ask you whether you want the fees to be changed. (This Fee Change program does not get activated until 1 Nov, which means that there is no need to wait until 1 Nov to run the Vision Update. As a matter of fact, you are recommended to run the Vision Update a few days before 1 Nov, to prepare for the fee change which will get activated automatically on 1 Nov.)

  • For Visique practices, you can now record the patient's Flybuy number and barcode. You can also search by scanning the Flybuys barcode or entering the Flybuys number. To setup, go to Maintenance - Default Parameters to enter "Visique" in the second box of Country (after the NZ box).

  • For Visique practices, the front screen now shows the Visique Logo.

02/09/2011,  Version 11.D01f

  • When creating a "New CL Consult Only", it is now automatically linked to the latest CL Order, so you can see the details of the lenses that you are doing the CL aftercare or delivery for.

  • Under Image or Drawing, for JPEG files, double clicking the image will now use the Windows Default to open the image for better zooming (instead of the Foxpro viewer).

  • If you want to use the Foxpro viewer (as before), go to Maintenance - Default Parameters - Setup Flags & Fonts. At "Use Windows Association to select program for displaying JPEG", enter "N".

  • In Pick List, double click or double tab now represents "to select" rather than "to modify".

  • When restocking Sundries, the tax will default to the tax from the front screen.

  • In the Consult & Spec screen, it is now more "finger-friendly". You can set up to flick Prev & Next for previous and next records.

24/07/2011,  Version 11.C02e

  • In the Details Stock Report, there is now an option to also include frames with zero quantity.

  • In the Frame Details screen, there is a new field for Base Curve (BC).

  • For sunglasses (Group = S), you can specify whether it can be used for  prescription lenses.

  • Interface to Zeiss Forum software (in the Instrument Interface button of the Patient Details screen).

  • When creating a New Consultation record, the Inter Add from the last record will also get copied to the new record.

27/06/2011,  Version 11.C02b

  • Under Dispensing, The Spectacle without Billing Report now shows both the Type and Status column.

  • The Medicare certificate for HIC Online is expiring, so practices that runs the Vision interface to HIC Online must update to version 11.C02a or above. After the update, at the computer that submits Medicare claims:

    1. exit out of Vision, and re-start Vision

    2. go to Maintenance - HIC Online Setup to click onto "Create PSI Store",

    3. if it asks you "Are you sure you want to create a new PSI store", click Yes,

    4. if it asks you "Are you sure you want to delete the existing PSI store", click Yes.

  • In KPI report, Spectacle Frame Report by Prescriber and Spectacle Frame Report by Dispenser, Own Frame is not counted if the Spectacle record has no lenses (e.g. repairs).

  • In the Frame Detail Usage Report. the percentage of Profit/Charge is renamed as Gross Margin. The Gross Profit is the profit in dollars.

  • When creating New recall list, patients with incorrect address will be shown in red.

29/05/2011,  Version 11.C01h

  • For screens with high enough resolution, the Customizable Consultation screen is now bigger, with:

    • buttons for copying Rx from R to L, L to R, to SU, to GI, and down one line;

    • the Other Test 1 & 2 boxes increased to show 3 lines.

  • For netbook or tablet PC that has a low resolution, the Customizable Consultation screen uses a smaller Consultation screen with Other Test 1-4 only.

  • In Create Recall List, there is an option to include patients with incorrect street address (so you can email the recalls).

  • For creating letters, there is now a Merge Field for Medicare No

  • When emailing Spectacle Orders, Base Curve, Frame Other 1 & 2 are also included.

  • When a Spectacle record creates the Bill, the Lens Extra will use the Lens Extra description if there is no Item No set up for that Lens Extra.

  • During Eyetalk import or update, if there is duplicated codes, there is now an option to delete duplicated codes.

01/03/2011,  Version 11.B01g

  • You can now change the font and size of the Data Entry fields and the Headings (Labels) by going to Maintenance - Default Parameters - Setup Flags & Fonts. At the bottom two lines,

    • the first box - right-click to select the font, style and size.

    • the second box - you can set up to bold or un-bold depending on the font size. By default (blank), it will turn bold when the size is < 12pt. If you want it to be always bold, then enter 99.

  • The Therapeutic Prescription screen is now resizable too.

  • When creating a new CL Consult & Order, changing the Optom at the CL Consult will also change the Prescriber in the CL Order.

18/02/2011,  Version 11.B01c

  • When saving a Spectacle record, it will prompt if Use = N and if there is no Near PD.

  • When emailing prescription, the recipient address now defaults to the patient's email address.

  •  When emailing prescription, the Subject of the email is now called "Prescription for" and then the patient's name.

  • For setting up letter templates, there are 2 extra merge fields - Practice Suburb and Practice Phone No

  • If a frame is flagged as Display Stock for automatic ordering (for the frame to be sent to the practice or directly to the lab to be fitted), the frame email order now also come up with  Winlinx.

  • When updating or importing Eyetalk Spectacle lenses, there is now an option not to update Supplier Product Codes.

26/01/2011,  Version 11.B01a

  • If a frame is set up as Display Stock DE (frame stay in the practice and email order for frame to be sent directly to the lab), an if lateron the frame supplier inform you that the frame is out of stock, from the Spec screen, you can click Print - Send Display Frame to Supplier. And this will then automatically deduct stock.

  • There are 2 new merge fields for setting up Letter Templates - corresponds for the result box of the 5th and 6th Optional Test in the Spectacle Consultation screen.

  • In the Print button of the Bulk Billing Transaction, there is now an Email option.

  • If Petty Cash is set up to deduct from Banking, the figures in the MYOB export will take this into account.

  • In the Spec screen, if there is no Near Pd and Use is N (Near), a prompt will come up when you save.

  • In the Consultation screen, the Email option under Print now uses a separate report to the printing one, e.g. you can have one with letterhead and one without.

  • The "Letter Insert" button is added onto the Patient detail screen (for flagging the patient with conditions etc for inserting articles into letters).

  • If Recall  = X in the Patient Details screen, that patient would not be shown as grey in the Patient List (to distinguish from Decease patients  which are grey in the List)

  • For Eyetalk Import/Update of Spectacle lenscodes, if the first box is ticked, the other boxes will be unticked. And if any of the other boxes are ticked, then the first box is unticked.

  • If the Century Rollover in Maintenance - Defualt Parameters is not set up, it will default to this year + 5. For example, if this year is 2011, then it will default to rollover on 16, i.e. typing 16 will default to 1916 and typing 15 will default to 2015. Alternatively, you can set whatever you want for Century rollover under Maintenance - Defualt Parameters.

  • The font of some screens are changed.

03/01/2011,  Version 11.A03

  • At the top toolbar, you can now enter up dated Notes of a patient by clicking onto the Note button at the top toolbar.

  • From the Note button, you can also enter a Pop-up Note for a patient, which will pop up as soon as the patient screen is opened.

  • In Lens Code Setup - Spectacle, there is a new field for Colour Treatment e.g. Transitions, Polarised etc.

  • In Lens Code Setup - Spectacle, there are 4 new Category boxes which one can categorize themselves. The first box is used for Summary Grouping which has 4 fixed  groups - Single Vision, Bifocals, Progressives and Others (whereas the Price List Grouping can have as many groups as you want.)

  • Customized Reporting facilities for Transitions.

01/12/2010,  Version 11.A02a

  • When printing Recall Labels, you can now nominate the number of labels to skip.

  • When printing Newsletter Labels, you can also nominate the number of labels to skip.

  • When clicking onto the Print button in the Consultation screen, you can now email the patient's Prescription and Consultation Records (for practices that have purchased the Vision Email function).

  • In the Spectacle Lens Code Pick List, when you click "Show All", the lenses that are not "Included in Pick List" or not ticked as favourite are now displayed grey in colour.

25/10/2010,  Version 11.A01L

  • The latest Vision Elite Update contains the programs necessary for the fees increase for Medicare and Patient consultation, as well as the DVA fees for consultation and appliances. For practices that are in Vision Maintenance, you can run the latest Vision Elite Update anytime before 1 Nov. Then the first time you start Vision on 1 Nov, it will automatically ask you whether you want the fees to be changed. (This Fee Change program does not get activated until 1 Nov, which means you don't have to wait until the day of 1 Nov to run the Vision Update. You should run the Vision Update a few days before 1 Nov.)

  • Advance Exam Writing Facilities

    • Under Maintenance, you can create articles e.g. describing different ocular conditions, as Letter Insert. The Letter Insert articles can contain images.

    • From the Update, a few sample Letter Inserts are provided, which can be modified, and new ones can be added.

    • A patient can be flagged with Letter Insert by clickiing onto the Letter Insert button in the Patient Details screen or the Consultation screen

    • Letter Insert can be used in Patient Letters (e.g. Patient Report - a personalized letter explaining to the patient the conditions that he/she has), or in Recalls increasing the effectiveness of the recalls.

    • In the Patient Letter template or Recall template where you want to include Letter Insert, type in the keyword  [[sunix_letter_insert]]

    • Then when printing the Patient Report or Recalls, the program will automatically insert the Letter Insert article(s) that are appropriate for the patient

  • SUNIX Selling Tool

    In the Spectacle screen, you can set up such that the Lens Pick List will first show lens(es) of 1st Preference of the practitioner, which are usually the premium ones, or the ones that have a higher margin or that are currently on sale. If the patient wants a bit cheaper, then you can click onto the "Expand Choice" button which will also show Preference 2. If he wants cheaper still, you click "Expand Choice" again, and so on. In other words, instead of up-selling, it can show the lenses top-down to guide your staffs in recommending premium lenses first, thus increasing sale per patient. This tool also allows the owner or manager to easily instruct the staffs what to sell or recommend, which is specially good for practices that the owner or manager is not the one that does the selling. To setup:

    1. Go to Maintenance - Pick List - Lens Code Grouping, Modify each Lens Group to enter the "Use" for the Spec screen, e.g. the Bifocals group is used for "B" in the Spec screen, Multifocal group is used for "M" in the Spec screen. Some lens groups are used for more than one "Use" e.g. Single Vision lenses can be used for distance, near and intermediate, which you will then enter "DNI" in Use. For lenses that you want to show all favourite lenses, you can leave the "Use" blank in the setup. (Favourite lenses means the ones that have been ticked or marked "Y" in "Include in Pick List" under Maintenance - Lens code Setup Spectacle). Once the Use is entered, then in the Spec screen, the Lens Pick List will be shortened to only show the appropriate lenses according to the "Use". For example, if Use = B, it will only show the Bifocal lenses

    2. Go to Maintenance - Lens Code Setup Spectacle, you can mark the Preference of a lens. "1" is first preference, "2" is second preference and so on. You can set up more than 1 lens for each preference. If there are no preferences set up, it will show all favourite lenses for that "Use"

  • For multi-branch setup, the Detail Frame Stock report and Detail Frame Usage report can now be grouped by branch Location.



Vision Elite Report log

The followings are new reports or reports that have been changed in the updates (blue means changes are more than just cosmetic):

Version 11.C 02b

Spectacle without Billing


Frame Usage Report


Version 11.B 01a

Frame (DE) Dispatch Slip


Prescription - Spectacle Consultation (Email)


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