Vision 2005 Update Log

The followings are some of the features in the Vision 2005 Updates:

08/03/2006, Version 2005.04f

  • After getting out of a Patient Payment, the Patient Details screen is now in front of the Quick Menu, not behind.

  • In the Consultation screens, you can now select 2 Consultation Item Numbers from the Pick List at the same time.

  • When creating Billing from multiple Items in the same Consultation screen (to Medicare, Patient or Veterans), both items will be created into the same Bill.

  • In the Patient Details screen, there is a new button for sending email to the patient.

  • In the Spectacle Details screen, there is also a new Email button for notifying patient his/her spectacles are ready. (In Vision, you can already send email for Recalls, Newsletters, Contact lens Orders to Suppliers, and from the Spectacle Ready List.)

  • In the Patient Detail screen, there is an extra "Sale By" field. You can press F5 for the pick list, which is the same as the Optometrist/Doctor/Dispenser's Details under Maintenance.

  • Under Financial, there is a new report, Billing Summary - Sale By, which sorts the billings by the "Sale-By" of the Patient Billing screen and Cash sale screen.

  • The new Billing Summary - Sale By report gives an extra breakdown for sunglasses (compared to the other 2 Billing Summaries).

  • To set up for the Sunglasses in the Billing Summary - Sale By report:

  1. go to Maintenance - Pick List - Report Grouping, create a Report Group called "SUNGLASS" for sunglasses,

  2. go to Maintenance - Item No Details, change the Report Grouping of the following Item:

    • Paid By: P

    • Item No: SUNGLASS

    • Tax: 10%

    • Report Grouping: SUNGLASS

  3. go to Maintenance - Dispensing/Frame Setup, enter "SUNGLASS" for "Item No for Sunglasses".

21/11/2005, Version 2005.03e

  • For practices that are currently running HIC Online, you can update to the latest version of HIC Online (Release 4).

  • For HIC Online, if an optometrist chooses not to use an IKey, he/she needs to apply from HIC and sign an authorisation for the Location to submit on his/her behalf. After the authorisation is approved, then go to Maintenance - Optometrist / Doctor / Dispenser's Details, and for that optometrist, tick the "HIC Online Optional Signing"

  • When sending Medicare claims via HIC Online, you can now have the option to send in the Time of service. From the Patient Billing screen, you can enter the time of service in the Bulk Billing Batch No screen by pressing Ctrl F12.

  • In the Appointment screen, you can now double-click onto an appointment to go to patient or create patient record (same function as the F8 button).

  • In the Bulk Billing Account screen, there is now a Note box.

  • After CL Order is emailed to the supplier, the Supplier Order Date will get put in automatically.

  • After CL Order is emailed to the supplier, it will come up in the Email Log (under the Consult menu).

  • In Financial - Outstanding Account, you can now print Statement for all Outstanding Bulk Billing Accounts.

  • For practices that are set up to default Last Optom & Last Consult from the Billing screen instead of the Consult screen, now the Billing Date will also default to the “First Consult” if it’s blank, and “Last Full Consult” if it’s a full consult.

  • For New Zealand programs, you can now right-mouse click at the Note box of the Patient Detail screen to bring up a Pick List for the Patient Note. This Pick List can be set up in Maintenance - Pick List.

  • In the CL Order screen, clicking the "Repeat this Order" will now also default the ADD as well.

  • If the security level of the Login for "Bill/Pay/Cashsale" is set up as "D", the Date in the Cash Sale screen cannot be modified (like in the patient's Billing and Payment screen).

21/06/2005, Version 2005.02d

  • Vision can now interface with Hoyalog for electronic ordering of lenses. (Vision can already interface with Sola's Rx Connect and Essilor's Winlinx

  • For HIC Online, from the patient's Billing screen, you can now tick the "Not Normal Aftercare" for submitting any Medicate Item numbers in the Ctrl F12 Bulk Billing Batch No screen (whereas 10918 brings up a "Not Normal Aftercare" automatically).

  • For Therapeutic Prescription, you can now enter upto 4 different dosage and duration for tapering prescriptions.

  • In the Contact Lens Order screen, there is a new Email button for emailing CL Ready to the patient.

  • The Contact Lens Ready email template can be set up in Maintenance - Email & SMS Messaging Setup.

  • In the Contact Lens Order screen, you can also email CL Order to the supplier from the Consult option at the top menu.

  • To set up Email CL Order to Supplier, go to Maintenance - Supplier Details. Select the supplier, at E Order, enter "EMAIL" and at E Order Path, enter the supplier's email address.

  • Vision can now be set up as multiple-branch in a consolidated database. Records entered from other branches will come up as different colour, and stocks from other branches will also show up grey (contact SUNIX for details).

12/05/2005, Version 2005.01c

  • At the Patient option of the top menu, you can now enter Therapeutic Prescription for a patient, and Therapeutic Prescription can be printed (for practice that has the Consultation Module)

  • Under Maintenance - Pick List, you can set up the pick lists for dosage, type of drug and which eye for the Therapeutic Drug

  • In Maintenance - Consultation Setup, you can set up the default Expiry for Therapeutic Prescription.

  • In Maintenance, Optometrist, Doctor Dispenser's Details, you can enter Therapeutic Prescription/Endorsement No for the optometrist.

  • In the Patient Details screen, there is now a Pick List for the Note box (set up under Maintenance - Pick List)

  • In the Patient Details screen, if Recall = X, the Patient Name will turn into blue writings in dark grey boxes (to distinguish from Recall = D in which the Patient Name is normal black writings in dark grey boxes)

  • During Frame Stocktake with Barcode, a different sound would come up if an invalid barcode is scanned.

  • In the Contact Lens Order screen, there are now fields for "ADD"

  • In the Contact Lens Ready List, there is now an extra button for printing the list.

  • In the Contact Lens Ready List, you can now send Email to the patient (for practices that have the Vision Email/SMS software)

  • In the Lens Code Setup - Spectacle screen, if a code has "N" in "Include in Pick List", the Price List would not print the lenscode (just like the Pick List on the screen).

  • When making a Bulk Billing Payment, the Order No is now shown in the list.

  • When entering a Cheque payment, there is now an option for entering the BSB and Account No for the cheque

  • If the BSB and Account No is entered, the Deposit slip will get printed differently, showing the BSB and Account No; if they are not entered, the normal Deposit Slip will get printed.

  • In Maintenance, the "Backup to Floppy Disk" option is taken out because just backing up to floppy disk is not adequate and not reliable. Therefore it is not recommended as the only means of backup. (Contact SUNIX if you still use Floppy Disk backup.)

  • In the Frame Detail screen, there is a new Reordering to Preset Level Report, where you can alter the number to order.

  • You can print and/or save the order from the Reordering to Preset Level Report. The saved order will be listed in the Frame on Order Report, from where you can restock directly.

  • For Contact Lens Eyetalk Update, you first link your Vision CL Code to the "Per Lens" Eyetalk Code. Then when you run the "Update Eyetalk Prices for Existing Contact Lenses", if there is a "Per Case" Eyetalk Code for that lens (one with a "C" at the end), it will automatically get put in the "Per Case" Eyetalk Price in Vision.



Vision 2005 Report log

The followings are new reports or reports that have been changed in the updates:

Version 2005.04

Billing Summary by Sale-By

Bulk Billing Transaction Report

Version 2005.03

Outstanding Bulk Billing Statement

Version 2005.01

Therapeutic Prescription

Banking Deposit Slip - BSB

Contact Lens Consultation Record

Contact Lens Order - Supplier or Lens Ordering - CL

Contact Lens Order (Practice Copy)

Prescription -CL


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